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Cardiology clinical integration network

To give you the best cardiovascular care in the Willamette Valley, independent heart and vascular physicians have teamed with Salem Health to form a clinical integration network—a new model that integrates the best of both worlds—hospitals and physicians—for patient-centered care. The clinical integration network builds on earlier collaboration which dramatically increased patient satisfaction in local cardiology services.

This clinical integration network includes Cascade Cardiology, Oregon Heart Center and Salem Health. Specialists also team up with primary care providers to further enhance heart and vascular treatment in our community.

  • This team collects data to learn:
  • Which treatments are the most successful.
  • What equipment works best for each procedure.
  • How different ways of caring for patients can affect outcomes.

This network has three locations, but one phone number for more information: 503-814-1700.   

Heart & Vascular Center and the clinical integration network

The Salem Health Heart and Vascular Center includes cardiology services provided only through Salem Health: State-of-the-art diagnostics, intervention, treatment, rehabilitation and even support groups. The clinical integration network is the partnership with independent specialists who rely on our hospital staff and services to treat their patients. This combination gives you the best cardiovascular care in the Willamette Valley because you tap into more expertise.

Clinical integration networks are the future of health care delivery

As costs soar, health care reform continues and technology advances increase, close collaboration among all health care organizations— from hospitals to independent cardiologists—is critical to provide the best care while reducing inefficiency and controlling costs. Navigating current and future health care reforms requires teamwork. A clinical integration network is a legal agreement among all parties to focus on patient-centered care by streamlining the confusion and overlap you get from different clinics, doctors and hospitals. The focus is to be your one source for the best care, while being the most timely and affordable.