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Community benefit report

Every year, Salem Health is committed to giving back to those we serve—people, programs and partners throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley.

Our community benefits program includes three types of care: direct charity care and financial assistance; community education; and programs and partnerships that support people in need.

2019 Community Benefit data

Total community benefits $155,223,641
 Charity care and unmet costs of Medicaid $65,567,257
 Unmet cost of Medicare and other public programs $62,868,965
 CHI, subsidized health services and community benefit operations $24,602,597
 Health Prof Education and Workforce Development $1,567,955
 Cash and in-kind donations $428,108
 Research $188,759

2020 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) (download PDF)


Past community benefit reports

Choose from the options below to read each year's Community Benefit Report and learn how we are making a difference in the community.


2014 Community Benefit Report

Community Benefit Report 2016

For our 2016 report, we're focusing on four programs that positively impact our region every day: medical transportation, suicide prevention, health education and an inclusive playground.

On the road to feeling better

For people with no personal vehicle or who are too ill to drive, medical transportation is literally a lifeline. This video features three transportation solutions supported by Salem Health.

Confronting a silent epidemic

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 10- to 34-year-olds in Oregon. With the help of a grant from Salem Health, the Mid-Valley Suicide Prevention Coalition has trained more than 1,000 people in our community to identify people at risk for suicide and to help them get the help they need.

Extending the reach of medical information

Where do you find trustworthy health information? If you're a patient at Salem Health, your physician may refer you to the Community Health Education Center for a class, program, or support group meeting.

Fun is for everyone

“Let’s go play!” This simple phrase brings joy to so many. But for children with special needs, play areas can be lonely places. At the Let’s all Play Place therapy and community play area, people of all abilities can come together in a safe environment that welcomes everyone.


Financial statement

How exactly did Salem Health spend its community benefit dollars in 2016? Here's the breakdown:
2016 CBR numbers

2017 Community Benefit data

Total community benefits$115,318,426
Charity care and unmet costs of Medicaid$49,514,347
Unmet cost of Medicare and other public programs$45,354,161
CHI, subsidized health services and community benefit operations$17,720,703
Health Prof Education and Workforce Development$1,451,222
Cash and in-kind donations$1,043,932

2018 Community Benefit data

Total community benefits $133,322,907
 Charity care and unmet costs of Medicaid $55,666,992
 Unmet cost of Medicare and other public programs $56,811,391
 CHI, subsidized health services and community benefit operations $17,924,990
 Health Prof Education and Workforce Development $2,026,063
 Cash and in-kind donations $763,624
 Research $129,847