Patient Guide

Advance directive

It’s your right to make your own health care decisions—even when you can’t speak for yourself. You can do this by filling out a legal document called an advance directive. If don’t have one, now is the time—create it before you need it.

Start with the free KEY Conversations™ Planning Guide, which includes the legal form. Copies are available in all hospital lobbies and in each nursing unit. Key Conversations is an educational program from Oregon Health Decisions.

This guide helps you appoint a health care representative and gives instructions to your doctor, so that if at any time you’re unable to communicate your wishes, your doctor can refer to your advance directive.

You can download Oregon’s Advance Directive legal form here.

Prefer video? Ask your nurse to show you our 15-minute DVD about advance directives on your hospital room TV.  

If you already have an advance directive, bring it with you to the hospital. A copy will be made and placed in your medical record.

Request a copy of the planning guide from Spiritual Care at 503-561-5562.

Additional resources

Free classes to help you better understand how to complete the advance directive form are offered through the Community Health Education Center. Call 503-814-CHEC (2432) for a complete list of classes.

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