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Patient stories

Our Salem Health Heart and Vascular Center has earned national recognition for outstanding care. But don’t just take our word for it.

See what real patients have to say about the care they received.

Cardiac symptoms are often different for women

Kathy H. had been feeling peaked for a couple of weeks, but didn’t give it much thought. When she started having a sharp, stabbing pain in her chest each time she took a deep breath, she decided to go to the doctor.

Surviving several heart attacks and A-fib

Gregg B. lived with heart problems for nearly 20 years. He experienced his first heart attack at 40 years old, his second at 50 and recently at 59 two more−following a stroke.

New bypass device helps save lives

It is easy to blame weight gain, weakness and exhaustion on the aging process and poor eating habits, which is exactly what Jerry N. did.

Healthy lifestyle doesn’t always outweigh heredity

When William W.'s primary care physician informed him that both his good and bad cholesterol were too high, he was surprised.

Surviving a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm

Larry H.’s day started like any other day. He went to his friend’s restaurant to visit over coffee, got into his truck to head to work and decided to make a quick stop at the post office.

From high blood pressure to life-saving stent

At a routine eye appointment Bill R.’s ophthalmologist noticed his blood pressure was quite high. Bill wasn’t too concerned as he exercised regularly, practiced good eating habits and had recently been given a clean bill of health from his primary physician.

Fast teamwork saves heart attack victim in ER

“If it wasn’t for this team at Salem Hospital I'd be dead,” said John J., 61, of Salem. He started sweating and felt chest pains the morning of April fourth. “I just had a weird, strange feeling that something was definitely wrong. I remember telling her I needed to get to the hospital.”

Carotid artery stent prevents stroke

Joan B. had always felt young for her age. She was active in serving south County Good Neighbors in the Nesko Women’s Club, and volunteer activities in her church. However, she noticed her high energy level waning.

92-year-old gets carotid stent

Richard B., a thriving 92 year old, could have fallen victim to a stroke or worse. Without any physical symptoms, Richard had no idea his carotid artery was a ticking time bomb.

Triple bypass surgery saves 74-year-old

A Salem Health heart patient has high praise for his cardiologist. “I have a deep feeling he helped me be alive today,” said Robert V.

Heart valve replacement, pacemaker, new life

It’s a common expression among heart doctors, nurses and other cardiac experts: “There’s no such thing as a routine heart study.” Maria C. is a perfect example of why that’s true.

First open heart patient

“I have been very well since the surgery, and I believe if I continue to take care of myself, I will be well for a long time,” said Howard G. “The wonderful clinical staff at Salem Hospital did a great job caring for me. I owe them my life."

Peripheral artery disease treatment

Patrick M., 64, of Salem, has a family history of heart disease and had two open heart surgeries. When his legs and calves began cramping and burning, he was treated successfully for PAD by vascular surgeon Mark Fleming, MD.

Pacemaker and bypass graft  

For John S., having a good attitude about protecting his heart health was just as healing as his two cardiac surgeries. The long-time Salem resident initially had a hard time accepting that he had some significant heart issues.

Catheter ablation for atrial flutter

"If you have a heart that tends to flutter—and you're not in love or scared—it's best to have it checked out," said Shannon P., a Salem Cardiovascular Center patient recently diagnosed with atrial fibrillation.

GERD symptoms led to triple bypass

“I am thankful Salem Hospital doctors quickly diagnosed my heart problem,” said Fred S. “Don’t hesitate if you have symptoms that require surgery. Just get it taken care of. There is support for you throughout the whole process from surgery through recovery.”

Pacemaker helps patient with congestive heart failure 

Deb T. may be one of the few people who like life insurance salespeople. Hers helped save her life.