Your hospital stay

After you deliver your baby, we want to help you feel safe and comfortable so you can enjoy time with your newborn. 

Lactation consultants are available to help with breastfeeding education at Salem Hospital Family Birth Center

The patient-baby unit is located on the fourth floor of the Salem Health Family Birth Center. This is where you and your new family will spend the remainder of your hospital stay.

You can expect your stay to be about two days, a little longer if you have had a cesarean section. We will make sure to check on you frequently after your delivery.

Regardless of your delivery, it’s not uncommon to feel pain after your baby arrives. It will take time to heal. Our nursing staff is here to help guide you in what may be the best options to keep you comfortable.


The birthing suite

Birthing suites feature a private bathroom and shower, sleeper couch, rocker glider and crib for baby. Your main support person is welcome to stay the night with you on the sleeper couch—pillows and blankets provided. We encourage you to rest and relax as much as possible during your stay.

Take a virtual tour

We care about your comfort and your personal needs! Our labor rooms are spacious and able to accommodate both hospital staff and guests.

Click here to take a virtual tour of the Salem Health Family Birth Center.

Questions? Call 503-561-5200 for more information.

Family Birthing Center, building D entrance


A private suite will promote a “rooming-in” experience and facilitate families staying together to promote bonding. Having your baby in the room provides you the opportunity to become more comfortable and confident in your ability to care for your newborn. 

Our nurses are here for you

We're here for you and your newborn. If scheduling allows, one nurse will be assigned to care for you and your baby during the shift, usually for eight to 12 hours.

Your nurse will introduce themselves to you early in the shift. You, your family and the nurse will discuss how often we will check on you both. If you want to reach your nurse at any time, just push the call button at your bedside.

All-in-one bed and TV remote Salem Hospital Family Birth Center

Call your nurse if you have any questions or concerns such as:

  • Changes in your baby’s behavior, color or breathing pattern.
  • Any feeding difficulties with your baby.
  • Any security concerns.
  • Increased vaginal bleeding or swelling.

Questions? Your care team is here to help!

Your health care team will make daily visits to see you and your baby, usually in the morning between 7 a.m. and the time their office opens, or in the evening after office hours.

If you have specific questions, write them down so you remember to ask them. If they are needed at any other time, your nurse will call.

Infant security

Salem Health takes the safety of your new baby seriously. We have several features in place to provide a top level of security for you and your newborn.

All Salem Health employees wear identification badges with their photograph, name and job designation. If you meet someone in medical-style clothing who isn’t wearing a badge, ask to see it or alert your nurse.

It’s also important for you to be aware that there are two main entrances to Building D, and the entrance closest to the main elevator will be on the right when facing the building from the parking garage.

All visitors arriving to building D will need to check in prior to entering the unit (all units are locked). You can do this by picking up the phone next to the double doors on the third- and fourth-floor landings. A clerk will greet you and direct you to the room you are visiting.

Newborn baby with security tag

Please be aware that all doors to Building D will be locked after hours
(9 p.m. to 5 a.m.).


Support people and visitors


We want to make sure your loved ones are comfortable and safe when visiting our birthing spaces. For more information about support people and visitors guidelines, see our visitor guidelines page for the most current policies and information. Salem Health's visitor guidelines are based on Oregon Health Authority and CDC directives.


Our gifts to you

We look forward to caring for you and your baby. To show our appreciation, each family will receive:

  • A memento newborn t-shirt.
  • Complimentary water bottles for both the patient and their support person.