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FAQs about volunteering for Salem Health

The first step is to watch the information video session then apply online. You’ll learn all about our program to see if we’re a good match for you.


What exactly will they be asking me to do?

You learned about our various volunteer roles after watching the information session. We'll work with you during your interview to find a best-fit placement. Then once on-boarded, we'll train you to ensure you are comfortable with the role expectations.


Can I get a job after volunteering?

Although we do have some volunteers who have gained employment after they have volunteered, we cannot guarantee employment. If you're looking for a job opportunity, apply for a job.


Can I volunteer more than one day a week?

Yes, but only after you know that serving one day a week suits your lifestyle.


Will I fit in there?

One of Salem Health’s core tenets is Respect for People. We believe that means being inclusive and equitable, honoring diversity, and fostering a culture of learning. We’re committed to facilitating a welcoming environment for everyone while celebrating and learning from our differences.


Will I have real impact?

All volunteer roles help patients, visitors, staff and/or fellow volunteers. Daily, volunteers share how they made a difference for someone. An example would be our Connection Volunteers who complete an average of 170 rides per month throughout Polk County, or our Emergency Department volunteers who see and help with over 100 patients and their families daily. Come and make a difference!


Can I hold babies?

In order to serve with our most vulnerable little ones, you must be a volunteer in good standing for a minimum of one year before being considered for the role.


Will I be safe from COVID and other things?

Salem Health is a place where no patient harm is acceptable to us. We take all safety precautions seriously and as a volunteer, you will learn and adhere to our high hospital standards.


How can I have a hands-on experience to help me with my health care degree?

Volunteers do not provide hands-on medical experience with patients and are not permitted to perform any clinical duties — including blood pressure checks, temperature reads, etc. 

Interested in job shadowing? If you're interested in job shadowing for a health care career, check out our Career Exploration Program. Job shadowing is a three-hour experience with a health care professional. This is NOT a hands-on experience.