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Meet your team

The program is a team effort focused specifically on you. You are the most important team member and have an important role to play to ensure a successful joint replacement journey. 


One member of your team, the coach, is a family member or friend who acts as your champion, supporting and encouraging you throughout your presurgical preparation and recovery. 

We strongly encourage your coach to attend the preoperative class and as many of the therapy sessions as possible. This helps them better prepare to assist you at home.

Orthopedic surgery team

Your orthopedic surgeon is the physician who will perform your joint replacement operation. They will be assisted by their physician assistant or nurse practitioner. They will oversee your care throughout your Joint Replacement Center of Excellence stay at Salem Health.


Your anesthesiologist is responsible for administering the medications required to keep you asleep and comfortable throughout your surgery and managing your postoperative pain.

Primary care physician

Your primary care physician is your family physician and the team expert who will manage your overall health. You can expect your primary care physician to stay in contact with your orthopedic surgeon and be informed regarding your progress after you leave the hospital.


A hospitalist is a physician who may follow your medical care during your stay at the Joint Replacement Center of Excellence and will work with your orthopedic surgeon to meet your care needs.

Joint replacement RN navigator

Your joint replacement RN navigator is a registered nurse and an expert in the care of joint replacement patients. This expert will serve as your team leader and coordinator of care. The navigator will help you prepare for your surgery by educating you about what you and your coach need to know to have a successful experience. He or she will also follow you throughout your stay in the Joint Replacement Center of Excellence and help you through your entire joint replacement journey.

Physical therapy team

Your physical therapy team is trained to help you gain strength and motion in your new joint and will help ensure that you do your exercises correctly. Your physical therapy team will also help teach you how to properly and safely use your walker or crutches after surgery.

Occupational therapy team

Your occupational therapy team is trained to help you learn to safely and effectively perform activities of daily living like bathing, dressing and getting in and out of your car. They will also teach you to use special equipment like grabbers or shower seats, which will assist you throughout your recovery.

Nursing care team

Registered nurses and certified nursing assistants make up your around-the-clock care team, helping to meet your needs from before surgery until you are ready to return home.

The surgeons of the Joint Replacement Center of Excellence at Salem Health

  • Gerald Aggrey, MD
    Orthopedic Surgery
  • Matthew Budge, MD
    Orthopedic Surgery
  • Mark Dolan, MD
    Orthopedic Surgery
  • Michael Hahn, MD
    Orthopedic Surgery
  • Shane Hess, DO
    Orthopedic Surgery
  • Dan Sewell, MD
    Orthopedic Surgery
  • Robert Zirschky, MD
    Orthopedic Surgery