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Salem Health Cancer Institute annual reports

Our program is continually growing and evolving to meet the needs of our patients in the communities we serve. Each year, our annual report reflects on key accomplishments and highlights of our cancer program. Follow our journey by clicking on one of the reports below.


2019 annual report


  • New webpage for cancer survivors
  • A long history of national accreditation
  • Reaching more patients with Cancer Support Services
  • Research and collaboration with Oregon Oncology Specialists
  • Women’s health screening


Cover of 2018 cancer institute annual report

2018 annual report


  • Learning from the patient experience
  • Shine a Light on Lung Cancer
  • Cancer genetic counseling
  • New liver treatment helps patients stay close to home

SHCI 2017 cover

2017 annual report


  • Supporting patients with coordinated care
  • Physician engagement and collaboration
  • Update: Volumes and outcomes

SHCI 2015 cover

2015 annual report


  • Program highlights
  • Physician engagement and collaboration
  • Engaging the community with free and low-cost screenings

SHCI 2014 cover

2014 annual report


  • Salem Health Cancer Institute lobby remodel creates a gathering space for survivors
  • Moving beyond treatment — returning to wellness
  • Clinical research focuses on genetic mutations
  • Lung cancer screening program saves lives

SHCI 2013 cover

2013 annual report


  • Lung cancer screening program launches
  • Cancer Program Practice Profile Reports
  • Tumor site committees: Improving cancer care through collaboration
  • A new partnership with Willamette Valley Medical Center

SHCI 2012 cover

2012 annual report


  • Engaging local physicians with symposia
  • Clinical research update
  • Salem Hospital Foundation contributes to navigational bronchoscopy
  • The importance of the Salem Cancer Registry

SHCI 2011 cover

2011 annual report


  • A streamlined treatment journey
  • Commission on Cancer accreditation
  • Tumor site committee highlights
  • DNA and the Future of Cancer Care event

SHCI 2010 cover

2010 annual report


  • Breast center nationally accredited
  • New gynecological oncology services
  • Palliative care grant
  • Community outreach and education