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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the Pharmacy Residency program at Salem Health in Salem, Oregon. We are looking for future residents each year who have a deep-seated passion for excellence in health care. We are pleased to train the next generation of pharmacists to be patient-centered and committed to the highest quality of service.

Learning from the best

Not only does Salem Health have the busiest emergency department in the state of Oregon, but you will be given the opportunity to learn from and practice with experts from our award-winning cardiovascular, orthopedic and oncology service lines.

An amazing opportunity

As a resident, you will be given a first-class opportunity to be a leader in the field of pharmacy. The broad experience you will receive in each of the core rotations in our program will mold you into the professional you aspire to be. If you give us your best for a full year, we will give you a residency experience that will prepare you for patient care and advancement in any health care setting.

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Residency Program Director, Matthew Tanner, Pharm.D., BCPS



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"Choosing to do my PGY1 residency with Salem Hospital was a great decision for me. Not only was there a wide variety of inpatient clinical experiences, but I was excited to be part of a shaping a relatively new program at a highly esteemed institution. There were ample opportunities to voice my opinions, which were well received and I felt like I was a well-respected contributor to the team. I feel that the foundation I received at Salem Hospital has well-prepared me to continue my journey in pharmacy and I’m excited to see what the future holds."

-Hannah Pugh, Pharm.D.

2021 Residency Information

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