Yoga: Fully experience the moment

Woman exercising

When Kate Swarm teaches yoga, it is less about what you look like in a shape, and more about fully experiencing time and space in your body in the moment.

“Yoga means union,” said Swarm. “Your mind, body and soul unite.”

Yoga builds strength, increases mobility and promotes posture self-awareness. Mentally, it increases happiness and satisfaction. “It is a time to let things wash away,” said Swarm. “Yoga helps people cope better.”

Yoga Basics

The Yoga Basics class explores foundational postures. Swarm breaks down each form and coaches how to enter and exit the position. Breathing and relaxation techniques complement the experience.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is especially helpful for people with restricted movement or who are unable to get up and down from the ground easily. Most postures are done while seated in a chair and a few use the chair for stabilization.

Three women exercising

“My job is to hold space for people and create an environment where people feel comfortable,” Swarm said. “There is a yoga that is right for everyone. Take a class and find what works for you.”

Yoga classes are held regularly at the CHEC. You can register online or call 503-814-CHEC (2432).