Women 65+ can help the next generation live cancer-free
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Women 65+ can help the next generation live cancer-free

Generations of women
It’s autumn. Cool in the morning. Hot in the afternoon. How do you figure out what to wear? Instead of worrying about what to wear, consider participating in “WEAR in Oregon.”

What is WEAR in Oregon?

The acronym stands for Women Engaged in Advancing Health Research. The main goal is to investigate early markers of heart disease and blood cancer. Your participation will also have a long-term impact on other research projects focused on improving health for everyone.

What are the potential benefits of participating?

You will not directly benefit from participating in this study, but your contribution will help researchers develop new early detection and treatment strategies.

Who is participating in this study and what is required for participation?

Women 65 years of age or older with no previous history of cancer are eligible to participate. We will collect confidential health information and a blood sample (about 2 teaspoons) every 1 to 2 years. There is no treatment associated with the study and no cost for you to participate.

How do I get more information and sign-up?                                 

Visit our website: www.wearinoregon.org.

This is a research project by the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute. Salem Health encourages women to participate.

Study 00015363

OHSU IRB approval: 03/24/16

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