West Valley Hospital nurse volunteers year-round to help kids

WVH Nurse Volunteering Year-Round (YouTube)

Jennifer V. has worked as a nurse for 17 years, but her caring and compassion extends far beyond the walls of West Valley Hospital.

“I like to be where there’s joy, and kids have a lot of it,” said Jennifer. “Adults have it pretty together. Kids need a little extra hand.”

Jennifer volunteers for a variety of organizations year-round. She has coached for Girls On The Run, a running and character-building program for third- through fifth-grade girls. Her other pursuits include supporting her daughters in the Oregon Future Farmers of America, plus holiday-oriented organizations like Toys For Tots and Operation Christmas Child.

She has volunteered the past nine summers as a camp nurse at Wi-Ne-Ma Christian Camp on the Oregon Coast in Cloverdale. Jennifer attended the same camp as a girl while her mother also served as a nurse there. Following tradition, Jennifer’s children now go to the camp.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve learned something amazing from kids,” said Jennifer. “The insight that youngsters have is pretty incredible.”

She makes volunteering a priority because it encourages kids to give back to the community.

“I want my kids to be a part of learning that culture. You know, that’s what we do,” said Jennifer. “We enjoy life together with people because that’s what makes things beautiful. Who knows? Maybe they will serve as camp nurse someday!”

Jennifer says her fellow staffers at West Valley Hospital show how much community matters to them every day.

“We live where we work, and we play where we work, and we serve where we work – and we just are part of the people,” said Jennifer. “That’s why we love being at West Valley, because that’s the heart of our hospital.”