Jenny's story: Pin up girl no longer pinned down by weight
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Jenny's story: Pin up girl no longer pinned down by weight

Jenny poses atop a classic car.

It hit her hard one day. Jenny C. was playing with her nephews and she couldn’t follow them on an obstacle course.

“’Come on, Tita!’ they yelled,” Jenny said, noting that Tita means aunt in Filipino.  “It was mortifying to hear them call out to me—but I couldn’t make it.”

At 5-feet-one-inch tall, she weighed 240 pounds and had struggled her whole life with diets, personal trainers, everything. She suffered from sleep apnea and was prediabetic.

“I was young, but I was dying,” she said. "Now I can do things I never thought were possible"

Jenny had gastric sleeve surgery in 2014 and now weighs 119 pounds. She hikes, works out and loves shopping for vintage clothes. In fact, she won the 2015 People’s Choice award in the Cherry City Bombers Pin Up Girl contest at the Rust-O-Rama classic car rally. A glance at her photo and you’ll understand why. 

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