Erin’s story: The health to pursue new passions

Erin poses with a new, healthy look.

Erin’s life is now as vibrant as her “silly, crazy purple hair” (that’s how she describes her artistic hairstyle). The 35-year-old hikes with her husband, rides bikes with their kids and keeps up with her 3-year-old, along with her job as a graphic designer for Oregon State University.

Before losing almost 100 pounds, life wasn’t that easy. A health scare, while turning out to be nothing, got her worried about letting her weight “get out of control.”

Funny how little things — like not being able to cross your legs — can lead to a heart-to-heart talk with a friend who suggested gastric bypass surgery. It worked for her friend, so why not for Erin? This style of bariatric surgery helped her lose 89 pounds along with her new lifestyle and eating program. 

Erin got a new camera for Christmas; how she has the energy to pursue another creative passion: wildlife photography. “I have more energy, hike without being exhausted, I keep up with my kids and have started to jog!” she says. “And I can cross my legs now.”

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