Agena's story: Winning the fight

Agena enjoying outdoor activity.

Agena A. had been fighting since the age of 7—fighting with her weight, that is. Gaining, losing, gaining again. She thought about surgery but kept putting it off.

On a winning streak, she lost 125 pounds, dieting from 1998 to 2000. She kept it off for six months, but life happened.

“I faced depression, took medications and ballooned up again,” she said.

Inspiration to face surgery came from her mother. After a slipped disc injury that could have paralyzed her, Agena’s mom lost about 90 pounds thanks to weight loss surgery in California.  

If it worked for mom, it could work me, Agena thought. She had gastric sleeve surgery in 2013 and lost 90 pounds.

“Now, my stomach is the perfect size!” she says. “My body doesn’t crave sweets anymore. The surgery was a tool to get healthier. Their team approach, from before surgery through recovery and support now, is amazing.”

She is very excited to fit into clothing she’s held on to since her weight loss in 2000. In fact, some outfits are loose. She is between a medium and small and used to be 2X.  

Agena also enjoys dancing, bike rides, running on the treadmill and weightlifting. She has been busy with work lately, helping families create advance plans at Golden’s Funeral Service.

“I feel wonderful, thanks to my surgery!” she said. “Now I’m the person I was created to be.”

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