From the CEO: Stand for a culture of compassion

comforting hands
NOTE: This message was originally distributed to all Salem Health employees on Aug. 15, 2017. We felt it was important to share these words with our larger community as well.

CherylNesterBowersTo: Everyone at Salem Health and Salem Health West Valley 
From: Cheryl Wolfe, president and CEO

At Salem Health, healing people’s bodies is what we know best. But we can also offer healing in more intangible ways, as we practice acceptance and respect. To those who have experienced the oppression of hatred, such a culture offers a place of peace, rest and belonging.
We need to embody this culture now more than ever. I want to reaffirm that Salem Health will continue to be a place of compassion and respect towards all people. We have, and will, hold one another’s words and actions to the highest standards of respect for all people. There is no room here for hatred or intolerance or anything other than embracing people exactly as they are.
If you see or hear of behavior on our campus that violates these values, if you observe words or actions that claim the superiority of one person over another, please report it to your manager or to Human Resources. The language of superiority denies our shared humanity, and will not be tolerated here.
I am confident that Salem Health will continue to be a refuge to those who need one. Thank you for all you do to make this a place of safety and healing for all.