Salem Health Spine Center: Safety in spine surgery
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Salem Health Spine Center: Safety in spine surgery

The partnership between Salem Health, Salem Health Spine Center and Capital Neurosurgery Specialists has always been focused on your safety.

As part of "Safety in Spine Surgery Month"  this April, we wanted to share some of the ways we keep patients safe:

  • Back or neck pain can create immense amounts of suffering, so we strive to give the right surgery on the right patient at the right time with minimal delays.
  • We work closely with primary care providers to stay on top of the latest proven non-surgical and surgical treatments.
  • We continuously update our personalized plans (both conservative and surgical) for each patient based on clinical experience and best evidence available to make sure those with back or neck pain have the best possible outcome.
  • We assist patients in managing opioid use to balance pain relief with safety. Along with this, we provide free community based education for people before they have surgery so they can have the best experience possible.
  • Our newest neurosurgeon is one of the first to perform endoscopic spine surgery in Oregon. This provides a smaller incision, less blood loss, less muscle injury, less pain and faster recovery. 

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