Pregnant? 8 tips for minimizing morning sickness and constipation

Pregnant woman sleeping

Morning sickness is very common during pregnancy. The following list offers some advice for how to ward off these symptoms as much as possible.  

Get plenty of sleep 

It is vital that you get a good night’s sleep as much as possible during pregnancy. You might also consider a maternity body pillow that will properly help you support your back and stomach. It can be a good idea to take naps during the day as well.

Avoid certain foods

See our list of foods to avoid while pregnant to help you out.

Eat small portions

When it comes to eating, it’s important to strike a balance between eating frequently and having small portions.

Eat salt-rich and healthy foods

Have some salty crackers, peanut butter snacks, or some other protein snack before you get out of bed in the morning. If you’ve gotten in the habit of skipping the most important meal, be sure you get into the routine of eating light, healthy breakfasts. Talk to your provider about what should be part of a balanced prenatal diet.

Get exercise

Many pregnant women have a hard time doing physical activity when they feel so lousy; however, regular exercise can help to stave off morning sickness. Try one of our suggestions for a safe, fun workout.

Stay hydrated

The less hydrated you are, the more nauseated you will become. If drinking water is hard, try adding apple cider vinegar and honey. Some mothers say flat Sprite helps, or decaffeinated cola. Sucking ice cubes made from water or fruit juice is also an effective method. The colder the drink, the easier it is to consume.

Try ginger 

Many pregnant women have found that ginger helps relieve symptoms associated with pregnancy. Sipping on cold ginger ale or adding a slice of raw ginger to water or tea may help sooth your stomach.

Keep your mind occupied

Sometimes the best thing you can do is get your mind thinking about something other than your nausea. Reading a book, doing puzzles, playing cards, or going for short walks around the block will clear your mind and relax you.

Additional ideas that have helped many pregnant women cope with morning sickness include:

  • Wearing loose clothing.

  • Taking children’s vitamins instead of regular prenatal vitamins.

  • Smelling fresh scents.

  • Taking antacid medication before going to bed.

  • Acupressure.