Playing Pokémon Go at Salem Health
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Playing Pokémon Go at Salem Health

Social media has been abuzz for a week now about a new mobile game, Pokémon Go. In fact, the rumor is that there may already be as many people playing this game as using Twitter! This week, we have noticed more foot traffic on our campus thanks to the game.

(If you want to learn more about what Pokémon Go is and how to play, here is a tutorial.)

A message for players

There are at least 12 Pokéstops and a Gym scattered around the public areas of the Salem Health campus in Salem.

Because the game has become so popular, so fast, we ask that players observe the following rules while on our campus:
  • Please be respectful of our patients and staff while you're here. If you are taking screenshots, respect the medical privacy of the people around you and avoid taking pictures that show patients, staff or any person you don't know.
  • Watch out for car and ambulance traffic — at least a couple of the campus Pokéstops are in or near high-traffic parking areas.
  • If you bring a car onto campus, park only in designated visitor areas
Don't let the urge to catch 'em all stop you from using common sense!

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