Our region's kids need your help

Izzy at the groundbreaking

Izzy is a six-year-old boy born without hands and feet. Doing many things, especially playing, is challenging for him.

“I don’t take Izzy to regular parks very often because the surfaces aren’t appropriate for him, whether he’s using his prosthetic legs or his wheelchair,” said Becca T., Izzy’s mom. “The equipment usually requires using hands to hold on in order to enjoy the park.”

Izzy is among hundreds of kids in our community who have physical, emotional, sensory or behavioral challenges that interfere with or prevent them from being able to learn through play.

Yes, play.

Play is an essential component in both the lives of children and adults. The National Center on Accessibility says play directly affects our physical, mental, emotional and social well-being.

Since Salem lacks an outdoor play area designed for people with special needs, the Salem Hospital Foundation is stepping up to fund a therapy and community play area where everyone belongs.

The 43,000-square-foot play area is set to open this summer on the Salem Health campus at the corner of Church and Mission streets. The wheelchair-friendly play area will enhance physical, emotional, behavioral and social skills for people of all abilities—not just patients at Salem Health’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Center

“It’s wonderful this project is happening right here in our community because Salem and the surrounding areas have a very large special needs community that would really benefit from an area like this,” Becca said. “And how great that it’s located on the hospital campus where Izzy and hundreds of other kids and adults receive therapy.”

The play area will have a number of interactive pieces of equipment that can be used by everyone, but especially by patients who are working with the hospital’s rehabilitation team. The components include a play mound and slide, geoball climbing web, therapy loop and sound tubes.

We need your help to bring this project to life!

Learn more about the project and consider making a contribution in any amount.