Key milestones as your little one grows

Parenthood is a crazy adventure filled with exciting firsts. It’s natural to wonder about your infant’s development. Are they on pace? While there is no one-baby-fits-all answer, there are age ranges when most babies hit big milestones, like walking, talking and their first sweet smile.

  • Walking: Around 12 to 18 months, get ready to witness the cutest balancing act in town as your little explorer takes their first wobbly steps. Whether they take off like a racecar, or prefer a leisurely pace, encourage their exploration by creating a safe environment with soft landing spots.
  • Talking: Between 9 to 14 months, your child may say their first words. Their babbling will transform into simple words and, eventually, into sentences. Respond to them with enthusiasm, have conversations and read together. This not only creates a strong foundation for language development, it also strengthens the bond between you.
  • Smiles and chuckles: Around 4 months, get those cameras ready, your little one is likely to share their first smile and chuckle with you. Then, around 6 months, you’ll hear their first full laugh.

Remember: At 9 months, your baby is due for their general developmental screening, as recommended for all children by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Each child is unique, and these milestones unfold at their own pace. Cherish the many firsts as your child grows into their own remarkable self!

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