Healthy diet and exercise are part of this active retiree’s busy life

SHWV cardiac rehab room.

James K. is 70 years young. Though retired, the Dallas resident continues his nearly 30 years of missionary work, most recently spending several months each in Red Cloud, Neb., Mayer, Ariz., and an island west of Juneau, Ala. He’s learned that stress can have repercussions on health, so he works to eat right and fits exercise into a busy lifestyle. 

“While there are serious issues to deal with and sometimes sadness shared with parishioners, there are also many joys and happy times to celebrate.” James says. “Believe it or not, too much fun can also hurt!”

In 2007 he experienced high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat, but a stress test with a cardiologist was inconclusive. After experiencing chest pain, fatigue and dehydration while golfing, he returned to his family doctor, John Hadley, DO, at the Salem Health Specialty Clinic – Dallas (formerly West Valley Physicians & Surgeons Clinic).

James had a cardiogram and a stent inserted into a blocked artery. He then required physical therapy and diet education to get his blood pressure and weight under control. He lost the weight and inches, and his energy increased, although he continued to be monitored.

Less than a year later, however, James faced a new diagnosis of prostate cancer. Surgery and months of treatment followed, bringing on physical challenges. His active lifestyle became limited, leading to depression…and weight gain. 

But with encouragement from Dr. Hadley and his wife, James got back on track to eating healthy and exercising regularly. And quickly shed 50 pounds.

“James is the textbook example of doing things right,” says Dr. Hadley. “Instead of letting things defeat him, he turned the situation around. By changing his diet and incorporating exercise into his busy life, he’s done a remarkable job to return to good health.”

With follow-up tests now clear and the long-term prognosis good, this father of two and great-grandfather continues to work on living healthy with a balanced diet. He regularly visits the Dallas aquatic center, plays golf and of course, continues his missionary work.

James realizes it’s a lifelong challenge — but he’s seen the positive results and knows that staying healthy is important when you have no plans to sit back and retire.