Play a game to help your brain

brain games gif
What do avocadoes, yoga, pingpong and video games have in common? They’re all good for your brain!

As our bodies age, muscles weaken and joints begin to creak — and the same is true of our brains! Without exercise, the mind becomes less flexible and more prone to injury.

Luckily, exercising your mind can be as simple as playing a game. Preliminary study results presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference showed that older adults who played a fast-paced video game were 33 percent less likely to show signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease ten years later.

Give your brain a workout by attending a seven-week program designed to help you keep a youthful mind. Salem Health’s weekly Brain Agility class provides mental exercises designed by a psychologist to enhance your brain’s ability to remember, stay focused, be aware and be alert. The next class series starts soon! Register online or call 503-814-CHEC (2432).