From the CEO: A statement against violence and hatred

unity 110118

CherylNesterWolfeBy Cheryl Nester Wolfe, RN, Salem Health President and Chief Executive Officer

Over the past weeks we have seen several acts of hatred and violence across our country. We grieve with the families who have lost those they love. And, if you are like me, you also feel anger, horror and sadness that such dark prejudice still lives in us as people.
I don’t understand why such evil exists in our world or know when we will stop being afraid of those who are different than us. But I do know this: No matter who you are, where you come from or what you believe, we at Salem Health will treat you with acceptance and compassion. If you are sick, we will take care of you with the utmost of our knowledge and skill. This attitude that embraces all replaces fear with hope and gives a shared sense of belonging in this world. Perhaps a better word for it is love.
Thank you to everyone at Salem Health for your daily commitment to our patients and a culture that promotes the dignity of all.

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