First-time mom has six pounds, one ounce of pure joy

Baby feet poke out from cozy pink blanket.

With most first pregnancies and births, expecting mothers are offered information on everything from diet and exercise to risks and postpartum expectations. But nothing can totally prepare you for the actual experience.

Jasmine V., a, first-time mom, had a good pregnancy that was thankfully, “uneventfully” normal. She delivered her daughter at Salem Health’s Family Birth Center. 

According to Jasmine, her delivery experience was exceptional. “Everyone keeps telling me how lucky I am,” she said.

Two weeks before Jasmine’s due date, her obstetrician told her she was 100 percent effaced. If the baby was not born by Jasmine’s due date, he recommended inducing the labor. Jasmine went into labor with an open mind.

She decided she would try to go through labor naturally, but if it was too painful, would request an epidural. The maternity staff respected her wishes and administered the epidural upon her request. “On my due date, I checked into the hospital to be induced,” said Jasmine. The doctor gave her pitocin to help induce the labor.

About two hours after receiving the pitocin, Jasmine started feeling contractions. By the time she was five centimeters dilated, she was ready for an epidural.

“Throughout labor and delivery, my nurse, Lacey [Lacey Weishaar, RN], kept me informed of my progress,” said Jasmine. “She was amazing. She was encouraging, calm and respectful.” 

Within a few hours of receiving the pitocin, it was time to push. However, each time Jasmine pushed, her daughter’s heart rate would drop. The doctor and nurses explained the situation and had Jasmine stop pushing as soon as the heart rate dropped.

“My close friend Mary Jean and my boyfriend’s mom were all in the room, a bit panicked,” said Jasmine. “I was nervous because another nurse was called in to watch the monitor and the baby, but never too worried. Lacey was with me the whole time and made us all feel comfortable and confident. She kept me aware of all the possibilities, so I didn’t have any questions.”

Lacey explained why the heart rate might be dropping. Jasmine did test pushes to see how the baby responded.

The nurses rolled Jasmine back and forth, trying to find a position that would relieve the baby during contractions.

Jasmine was told if the baby’s heart rate continued to drop when she pushed, she may need to have a Cesarean birth (c-section). However, on her next push, baby Kassidy was born in perfect condition.

“The whole process was pretty smooth,” said Jasmine. “The epidural took care of all my pain. I only pushed for about 15 minutes , and I haven’t had any troubles since. My nurses were perfect.”

“Lacey communicated in a collaborative, confident manner that demonstrated she was partnering with us in the process,” said friend Mary Jean. “And, Dr. Robert Harder was professional, but able to use humor to lighten the anxiety level in the room. He had such a positive, warm approach to eliminating stress for all of us.”

According to Mary Jean, the entire staff was friendly and welcoming from the time they checked in until Jasmine and baby Kassidy were released.

“The overall experience was so warm and inviting. Dr. Harder even participated in the follow-up celebration of Kassidy’s arrival.” During that time, Jasmine’s carewas great. “The Salem Hospital maternity staff was kind, professional, informative and experienced,” she said. “I felt so safe having my baby there.” 

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