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Aquatic therapy

Salem Health Rehabilitation Center is home to a state-of-the-art, on-site aquatic therapy complex. Our aquatic therapy program is ideal for patients of all ages and is incorporated into many of our therapy programs.

Exercise that is painful or not tolerated on land is much easier in the buoyant water and takes less effort than land-based exercises, relieving stress from joints.

One of our licensed therapists, trained in aquatic therapy, will recommend activities designed for your specific needs and diagnosis.


In addition to providing a fun environment, aquatic therapy provides numerous therapeutic benefits.

  • Because water relieves stress from joints, exercising in the buoyant water takes less effort than land-based workouts. Anyone having difficulty tolerating land exercises or needing assistive devices to walk may be able to accomplish exercises, stretch, swim or walk with little or no help in the pool.
  • Aquatic exercise allows people who normally can’t tolerate exercise on land to engage in physical activity.
  • Aquatic therapy helps increase strength and joint mobility.
  • Gentle movement and light pressure from the water provide constant sensory stimulation.
  • The heated pool and Jacuzzi relax muscles, helping you stretch easier, often with less pain.
  • The buoyancy of the water allows you to work harder or exercise longer than on land.