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Driver safety evaluations

Driver evaluations can help you and your physician decide whether you are able to drive safely when illness, injury or age may have impaired your ability to share the road. The evaluation takes less than two hours, but is not covered by insurance. 

It’s up to you

In Oregon, any doctor who thinks his or her patient may not belong on the road must submit a mandatory report to the DMV.

However, evaluations are done on a volunteer basis. Even if your doctor puts in an order for one, it’s up to you to decide if you want to follow through.


There is no behind-the-wheel assessment during the evaluation. It tests the following skills you need to be an effective driver:

  • Vision

  • Cognition (memory, judgment, and evaluation skills)

  • Perception (processing what your eye sees)

  • Knowledge of rules of the road

  • Map reading

  • Eye-hand and eye-foot coordination

After the evaluation is complete, you’ll receive a recommendation either to continue driving, limit driving, or stop entirely. This same information will be shared with your doctor. In some cases, a behind-the-wheel assessment by the Oregon DMV is recommended as a follow-up.

Ask your doctor for a referral:

Salem Health Rehabilitation Center, Salem

West Valley Hospital rehabilitation department, Dallas