Benefits for nurses

In addition to standard Salem Health benefits, nurses enjoy special benefits for special responsibilities and educational accomplishments.

Charge nurse differential

Charge nurses are responsible for overseeing a specific unit for their assigned shift. Individuals in this role perform such duties as delegating nursing assignments, preparing schedules, overseeing admissions and discharges, and monitoring and ordering medicines and supplies. In addition to these tasks, charge nurses also may carry a patient load depending on where they work and their shift. Provides input to hiring, evaluation, coaching, corrective action and discharge of staff. However, may not enact changes in an employee’s salary or employment status. Nurses receive a differential for working as charge.

Preceptor differential

The Salem Health preceptor program is a means to ensure high quality orientation for new staff. To be a preceptor, an RN Staff Nurse needs to meet the requirements of the program and have a willingness and interest in precepting others. Eligible RNs receive a differential when working as a preceptor.

RN certification bonus

Salem Health awards RN’s in bedside roles an annual bonus for achieving and maintaining a certification from a nationally recognized nursing organization that meets our requirements. Eligible certifications are those that are directly relevant to the RN’s specific role, require an exam or equivalent process to obtain, require continuing education or re-examination to keep, and are on the approved list of certifications for their department. Certifications must be above and beyond the minimum requirement for the RN’s position.

Tuition reimbursement

Tuition and certification reimbursement supports all eligible employees pursuing formal education and certifications that is job-related or leads to a degree employable at Salem Health & West Valley Hospital. Tuition reimbursement covers tuition, fees, books if required, and recertification costs (up to annual maximums).

APEX program

The Acknowledging Professional Excellence (APEX) program provides for recognition of exemplary professional achievement of nurses and a variety of other clinical professionals whose primary focus is working directly with patients. The program promotes professional clinical practice through professional development and education, and professional certification. It supports organizational values for lifelong learning, continual improvement of practice, and furthering the development of health care careers of all types. Apex awards are granted at four levels of professional achievement in the following areas: 1) service; 2) education and professional certification; 3) performance and professional development; 4) quality; 5) people; and 6) community.

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