We are grateful for all offers of masks and equipment. Learn more below!

Mask kit project update

Thank you again for being part of the mask-making project. We were overwhelmed by your support!

Mask and protective equipment FAQ

Who do I contact if I want to donate masks or other personal protective equipment?

Please email We are using this email as a central clearinghouse for all PPE donations. Please be patient – we receive many offers every day (thank you!) and each drop-off takes time to coordinate.

Is the hospital accepting home-sewn fabric masks?

Not at this time. We are closely monitoring our supplies of PPE of all kinds and will let the community know if further donations are needed.

Can the hospital provide me with a pattern for sewing my own masks?

We don’t have a printable pattern, but this video goes through the process step by step and includes measurements. Please note that we aren’t accepting fabric masks at this time, but other local organizations may be. Connect with social media in your town or neighborhood to find a facility looking for donations.


I have a 3-D printer. Can I make plastic PPE components for you?

Salem Health is currently investigating 3-D mask production. We are gathering information about this possibility and are in contact with several makers. If you are interested in making 3-D masks and face shields, please email

I want to do something to help the hospital, but I can’t sew. What can I do?

The single most important thing you can do is to continue social distancing. We know that it is hard to stay home and feel like you aren’t actively helping, but you are! We are anticipating more COVID-19 patients every day, but everyone who stays home and stays healthy helps keep the number of patients manageable — which also helps us conserve PPE! If you're still looking for ways to help, visit our "You can help!" page.